Our mission:

  • To promote a brand in ways that are innovative and completely different from the recent past, but deeply rooted in salesmen’s old practice of travelling across America to meet in person with their clients and potential clients.
  • To highlight the Italian beauty, so much prized by American consumers, through the story of fashion products, the maker’s attention for details and materials, the style, the colors, the scents, because the Italian fashion is not the result of an industrial process but a cultural path. Italians, in every stage of history, have shown aesthetic sense and proven artistic skills often implemented in modern industrial processes.
  • To enphasize the unique appeal of the made-in-Italy, its assertive character and world-leadership: the Italian fashion makes fashion! 


Market analysis: After conducting a market analysis on site we have reached the conclusion that prospective customers have a strong need for mid-level Italian fashion products. Presently, there are no competitors, thus we can tailor an image of the Italian fashion and style that perfectly reflects our vision.


Stores: Create a personal relationship with local shops, showing the products instead of simply sending photos and catalogues. The local team has identified some stores which can be potential clients; some of them are in the Silicon Valley, some in SF.


Life-style & consumers: A significant segment of SF female population is constantly seeking new trends and appears interested in fashion products. Not only women but men too, especially young men with artistic inclinations.


Community & market demand: The numerous Italians of recent immigration (last 25 years) have maintained close ties with Italy, thus they have contributed to spread the Italian style in SF. The significant presence of Italians in SF (20% of the population) makes them perfect ambassadors of the Made in Italy.  This is one good reason, if not the most important one, to give special attention to the Italian consumers.