The Project


Italian Glamour in California

Project overview:

  • On-line communications
  • Off-line communications
  • Spot and evaluate local shops which have the potential of becoming customers, make contact and establish a relationship
  • Commercial promotion
  • Brand positioning
  • Organisation of a sensorial tour of Italy for the new customers


On-line communications

  1. Social sharing: publish blog posts and social media posts once a week, starting from June, on the following virtual sites:
  1. Posts‘ topics:
  • the project,
  • Angela’s outfit and style,
  • fashion stylist Cinzia Paolini,
  • the Made-in-Italy in general,
  • why we chose SF to launch the project,
  • the blogger’s constant pursue of beauty through the Italian creativity,
  • the art of approaching, showing and narrating a brand;

a special enphasis will be given to the brand and its philosophy: dependability, originality, creativity,  attention for the details.


Off­line communications

The fashion-blogger‘s original intent is to connect with her followers, in order to give the brand visibility, positioning and possibly a market basis. The blogger will manage both on-line and off-line communications: she will contact some selected potential customers to offer the excellence of the made-in-Italy fashion.